Requirements and Installation

All the modules for openarchitectureware are build using oaw 4.2.0. We use the maven repository provided by the fornax team to build the modules. All our artifacts are stored in a local repository. The link can be found on the left handside menu.

Required Tools and Components

The building is still a bit experimental as were are in a learning process to operate all the tools required.

The minimum you will need is:

  • Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede)
  • maven 2.0.8 (commandline)
  • maven ide plugin
  • an Eclipse subversion client (I use subversive)
  • openArchitectureWare (see installation instruction of oAW)

Installing project

After installing all tools following steps are required to get project running:

  1. Import project form SVN repository ( Project components4oaw-parent has to be loaded in every configuration. It is the parent project of all subprojects.
  2. Select Maven/Update Source Folders to create all required folders.
  3. Sometimes it is required to disable the Maven dependency management and then enable it again to triggert that all dependencies are being rebuilt.

Building components4oaw

When installation of project is complete start command line an change to project directory.

Following commands can be used to build single projects:

mvn cleanCleanup of all existing compilation results.
mvn testCompiles and executes all unit tests in a project without generating targets.
mvn installCompiles, executes unit test and create all defined targets.

When building project components4oaw-parent all defined subprojects are build, too.